Right from HTML to .NET, from the traditional Pay-Per-Click Marketing to the new age Social Media Optimization, and from Website Designing to Optimisation of the Site for various devices, we ensure that our clients can seamlessly rely on us for all their needs in the context of establishing the presence of their business in the online arena.

MATEBIZ is a talented bunch of bonkers experts well versed with web design, development and digital marketing services. The company was established in the year 2016, by three office mates who have always made some awesome stuff. It was only a matter of a few months that a commendable number of experienced industry experts joined in this small team, and MATEBIZ became an invincible organization, not just with respect to the insurmountable knowledge, but also in terms of commendable experience.

What Drives Us?

Founded with the vision of helping every business earn an online presence, the company has always emphasized on getting the work done no matter what the budget of the client is.

It is this passionate drive that helps the company to tread forward, even in today’s times of extreme competition. For what it’s worth, all our clients have found complete satisfaction in our services.

What We Offer?

  • Website Designing & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization/SEO
  • Pay per Click Management/PPC
  • Domain Registration
  • Logo Designing
  • Online Corporate Identity Creation
  • Social Media Marketing/SMO
  • Web Application Development
  • Webhosting & Email Hosting
  • Mobile App Development

What You Get?

Thanks to our impeccable team of dedicated experts, you can expect –

  • An attractive website that functions seamlessly
  • Result oriented web pages
  • User-friendly designs
  • Search Engine and Social Media Optimization
  • Optimized web designs that work flawlessly on all devices


At MATEBIZ, we take it as our onus to bring every business online, no matter how small it is.

We aim to conceptualize, create and maintain a unique identity for every brand, so that it gains unprecedented recognition, and eventually succeeds in making the profits that it intends to! However, what makes us truly unique is the fact that our design specialists, as well as marketing strategists, can help design an optimal end-to-end solution for your business well within your budgetary constraints.