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PPC Services

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, PPC is a comprehensive online advertising method which is being included with Bing Ads or Google AdWords. Paid ads are becoming extremely famous as Google provides paid ad participants with the desirable first four positions on the results page. As a result, paid ads are regarded as the quick method to obtain visibility and pull users to your website. It also makes PPC as an alluring option for businesses which are looking for higher online conversions. Our PPC greatly benefits both large corporations and small town businesses.

One of the most famous forms of PPC is search engine advertising. It let advertisers to bid for ad placement in sponsored links of the search engine when somebody searches for a keyword which is related to their business niche. Whenever your ad is clicked, it sends a visitor to your website.

PPC advertising provides you with the chance to pay for reaching top positions on search engines and also emerge on relevant partner sites. PPP marketing offers instant traffic and provides many methods to tribute existing SEO strategies by testing business models, marketplace verticals and keywords, and it makes you develop your entire internet marketing strategy.

Types Of Pay Per Click Advertising

We manage smart internet advertising. We advertise your products in search engines, media and social networks, segmenting the audience to the millimeter to reach the right customer at the right time, increasing the conversion possibilities. Maximum visibility for your business through a wide range of ad formats that our experts configure and reorient so you always get the maximum ROI.

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Campaigns in social networks

Capture customers impacting your target audience in their favorite environment. With Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads you can give the boost that you need to your most relevant Social Networks and get the best possible performance to your profiles. The main plus of ppc services is of course, accurate targeting of the target audience with a minimal risk of getting by.

Advertising on google shopping

Show your product card with image and price in the search results. Full, very visual ads that perfectly describe the product that is being sold. Increase visibility and sales of your business with Google Shopping. Pay per Click means a fee not for the number of impressions, but only for a real transition from the advertising platform to the page of your ad.

Advertising on youtube true view

High quality conversions for your branding campaigns. Make your ads appear on YouTube videos. We take care of setting up your video ad so that it has the maximum impact among the right audience. Advertise in search engines all the products of your online store. The ads are displayed when the user performs a search that matches the content of your website.

Benefits Of Using PPC Services

PPC has the utmost positive impact on most of the business and its brands. If you are not considering PPC marketing seriously then you are likely to lose out some valuable revenue and traffic. Some of the benefits offered by our ppc for today’s business are mentioned below



The first advantage of the PPC is that we only pay if the user clicks on our ad. That is to say, the printing of the advertisement either in the search engine or on a website is completely free. Taking into account that there is the CPM model, which pays for a thousand impressions, with the PPC we are getting visibility (impressions) for free. These impressions will help our brand have a greater reach and therefore we will improve the branding of our company.


Real-time optimization

Knowing what are the results we are having in our PPC campaign will allow us to optimize it in real time. What does this mean? Well, if a campaign is not having the results we expect, we can make the necessary changes immediately to improve them.


Reach your customers.

Reach audience regardless of the device they use. In today’s mobile world, you need to advertise on all the devices your customers use: desktop computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones. In this way, when you search, browse or buy, you will be there.


Generate online sales.

If you sell products online, you can use AdWords to generate more orders. Place the ad in front of users at the exact time they are looking for the product and link directly to the page where they can buy it.


Generate leads online

If you want potential customers to complete a contact form on your website, you can have your ad direct to the form page. In this way, the chances of a click becoming a potential customer will increase.


Measurable, effective and flexible.

Google AdWords shows how many people see your ad and what percentage you click to visit your website or call it. You can see the performance of your ads at any time when you sign in to your Google AdWords account.

MATEBIZ, the best PPC service provider

In the market, you can find several similar kinds of service providers who offer you the low quality service in high price. Then, what is the need to come here under the umbrella of MATEBIZ? The answer is that the MATEBIZ is one of the most promising ppc providing companies in India, since it has been started its journey in web developing domain. It has many successful track record of creating phenomenal ppc advertising service for individual companies.

We know the importance of ppc in the success ladder of a business and we promise to cater you the flawless and assembled ppc services. From the point of quality service, we are the most trustworthy and reliable company, where you can get the complementary services within a single package. We are dedicated to provide you the optimum ppc service with the assistance of high quality and trained developers.

So now getting your ppc solution for flawless business operation is much easier with the aid of MATEBIZ. We are available round the clock during the whole season. Moreover, we give extra effort to meet every web requirement for any business irrespective of its scale or volume. In order to give an enormous boost to your start up or matured business, please hire us. We promise you to provide the best service in the town.

Reasons Why You Need To Invest In MATEBIZ

MATEBIZ is one of the leading PPC service providers in India. You can invest your money in our company to get good results. Here are some reasons why you need to invest in our campaign.

  • You Can Spend Money Only When Person Clicks

    One of the prime reasons why best ppc company in India is preferred by many people is that you can know exactly where your money goes. You need to pay only when the interested person clicks your sponsored link. This form of Pay per click advertisement is entirely different from conventional marketing, where you have to invest money without knowledge of whether your ad reaches the targeted audience or not.

  • Speedy Compress Of

    You need not to waste your time in placing your advertisement rather you can depend on ppc company who can ensure that your advertisement is out on different search engines as soon as you think of it. With the assistance of our honed service providers of MATEBIZ, you can easily market your business advertisements through this method without wasting your time and money.

  • You Can Attain Targeted Customer With Right Advertisement

    If you wish to target a specific audience group at the specific time in specific place, it can be accomplished perfectly with the aid of our professional ppc services. Through PPC’s delivery options and delivery targeting services with device specific preferences, you can easily deliver accurate messages to the targeted customer whenever you need.

  • PPC Data Can Offer You Essential Information

    The experts of MATEBIZ are experienced enough to deal with your ppc requirements. We will offer you information about whether your keyword is converting well or not. A campaign of best ppc company in India will assist you to measure the demand for new service or product you are offering and provide an early look into client behaviour if you are targeting on specific client base.

  • Maximize ROI Of Your

    Since you spend for PPC only when the ad is clicked so it is extremely easy to manage costs, determine ROI and track conversions. Cost-per-conversions are worthy when comparing ROI of PPC campaign with other marketing methods. Data seems to be reported correctly and accurately and hence the campaign results are tracked extensively.